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Summer is usually the most favorite time of the year for most people. It’s when the temperature is perfect for a beach or pool party. It’s the best time to let your hair hang down and relax. It’s when a lot of families go on vacation to other exotic places.

But what if your budget doesn’t allow for a family vacation this year? If you have a pool, you can go on staycation and spend time with your family swimming in your pool.

Did you know that you will need to regulate your pool’s temperature even during summer? You will need to keep your pool at a certain degree of heat or coolness. To do this, you will need a pool heat pump

What Is a Pool Heat Pump and How Does It Work?

A pool heat pump is a machine that uses electricity without generating heat. Instead, it has a fan that draws in heat from outside air that the sun has warmed. The fan extracts the warm air and circulates it using an outer evaporator air coil. The liquid refrigerant inside the evaporator coil absorbs and transforms heat into a gas.

The pool heat pump warms the gas in the coil, which is then pumped into the compressor. This, in turn, increases the heat and creates an extremely hot gas that passes through the heat exchanger condenser.

The pool heat pump circulates the swimming pool water absorbed from the pool, which then passes through a filter and the water heater of the heat pump.

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Once the liquid refrigerant gas and water from the pool is pumped through the heat exchanger at the same time, the hot gas applies heat to the water. The water is heated 3-5 degrees as it goes through this process and then warmer water goes into the pool.

As it flows through the condenser coil, the hot gas turns back into liquid and goes back into the evaporator, where the entire process starts over.

A pool heat pump works perfectly only when the outside temperature remains above 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit range. It uses more energy when outside air is cooler.

Here Are 5 Reasons to Use a Heat Pump to Heat Your Pool:

  1. Cools Down Your Pool’s Temperature When it Gets Extremely Hot.

Most people don’t know this but a pool heat pump can actually cool down your pool’s temperature when it gets really hot. That’s why you need to use one even during hot season.

Yes, the sun can naturally heat up your pool in the summer. Unfortunately, there’s no way of controlling the temperature, which could turn your pool’s water scorching hot! Now, you don’t want to swim in boiling hot water, that’s for sure.

So, in this case, you may want to use a pool heat pump to lower and regulate heat in your swimming pool. That way, you can swim without the discomfort or worse, getting burned.

You will need a pool heat pump with a heat/cool feature for this. Some pool heaters may also double as water coolers. So, when your swimming pool water gets too hot, you can bring down the heat to the perfect temperature.

  1. Heats Your Pool Back Up During Unexpected Rain or Storm.

Sometimes, rain and storm will surprise you. So, what will you do when unexpected rainstorms show up? Get that pool heat pump going! Now you won’t have to wait for your pool to have the perfect water temperature.

You can simply turn on your heat pump and your pool water will have the right temperature in an hour or so.

You can also set your pool heater to work in standby mode with a pre-set temperature so you’ll always have the perfect swimming pool water temperature. The pool heat pump will automatically sense the temperature change and heat up the water for you no matter where you are.

Imagine the convenience of coming home to an inviting pool with the perfect temperature every day!

  1. You Never Miss Out on Throwing Pool Parties (Rain or Shine).

Have you ever planned a pool party that was cancelled due to rain? How inconvenient it must have been for you to go through all that planning and preparation and have everything rained out. Not to mention the disappointed guests and celebrants. Plus, all that expenses preparing for that pool party isn’t something you can gain back.

What if I told you that you can throw that pool party rain or shine, thanks to the help of a pool heat pump? Using a heat pump in your pool during summer can give you a lot of benefits. Now you can plan and throw as many pool parties as you want. Your guests will love that perfect swimming pool water temperature and they will surely thank you for hosting a fabulous pool party.

A pool heat pump does more than heat swimming pool water – it also cools down your water temperature so you’re bound to have the perfect pool party.

  1. You Can Swim Anytime You Want (Night and Day).

Owning and using a pool heat pump will give you the convenience of going swimming anytime without worrying about weather conditions. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, your pool water temperature will always be perfect. So you can swim anytime, night and day.

Imagine spending time with loved ones underneath the stars with pool water that’s perfect.

Using a water pump lets you go swimming anytime, 24-7 – now that’s a great way to spend quality time with family and friends or just staying fit or relaxing after a long day at work.

  1. You Avoid Unnecessary Overspending on Your Family’s Entertainment and Spend More Quality Time Together Swimming in Your Pool.

Owning a swimming pool can be the answer to your family’s entertainment needs and desires as you spend more time swimming and less time going to malls or going to the beach. It’s cheaper and healthier in the long run!

Using a pool heat pump lets you enjoy your vacation and days off as your pool water temperature is regulated for your enjoyment whenever you want.

Your family and friends will surely love you for giving them a way to relax and unwind anytime.


Swimming is a wonderful way to relax or exercise. Owning a swimming pool is a great way to encourage healthy habits while providing entertainment for family and friends. Creating the perfect temperature for your pool water is the best way for you to enjoy spending time in your pool.

Now that you know how a pool heat pump works and its many benefits, you should definitely ask professionals to install one in your pool. Have fun!

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